Wellness Deposit Tip Video Edition: Stop Comparing Lives and Start Building One

Here it is friends, not perfect but the first video deposit tip is ready. I left it uncut and unpolished because that is how life is. Don’t compare suffering it is not a competition you want to win. This lesson was taught to me many years ago when I was advocating for autism. I started to rattle off my stats and this very nice person stopped me and said we don’t compare suffering, and that has stuck with me ever since. It is equally as true that would should stop comparing lives and start building our own lives. How many times are you have a conversation with someone and they are just talking about all the things someone else has or know someone who gets a smile because someone is in pain? Is that really a place you want to come from? It is not for me, now before you get on me – NO I AM NOT PERFECT and I sometimes fall into a life of comparsion when it comes to coaches or other resources, but I am working hard to focus on my daily path and how I can improve in each moment. So deposit this as your tip, stop comparing lives and start buiding yours.

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