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Do you need an energetic speaker for your event? Want someone who will bring a thought provoking, compassionate, and fun filled approach to your audience. I love speaking to people about a variety of topics and will customize my presentation to the audience.

I come at all of my presentations from my coaching perspective. Live a Joyency Life: How to Deposit into Your Wellness Bank Account:

Joyency is a combination of joy and currency. Far too often we use fear, self-doubt, anger and jealousy as our life currency. What if our currency was love, compassion, joy, determination and grit? You would change the way you touch the world. I will bring a professional approach, but make no mistake about it we will have fun. Life can be hard, but a Joyency life doesn’t have to be.

A Partial Topic List:

  • Autism: The Joyous Life We Never Knew We Needed
  • The Joyency Revolution, Deposit Into Your Wellness Bank
  • How to build coalitions
  • A coach’s approach to move through anxiety/fear
  • Positive approaches to difficult challenges
  • How finding a higher meaning can help your wellness
  • Break the fear barrier
  • Power Communication = Power Relationships
  • Dude speak

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