Five Things I Learned From My Playlist

I use music when I run it helps me connect to my thoughts in a completely different way. Yes, you may hear me belting out some TSwift, Rage Against The Machine, and others I have an eclectic music pallet, I like it all. This will be a regular feature on Postcards from the Run. It is a fun way for me to tie in my love of music, running and life. So here is the question what did I learn from my playlist?

1. You have to "Take the Power Back", one of my favorite songs from Rage Against the Machine. I am speaking of those people who consistently suck the air out of the room. You know who I am talking the people who would rather bitch about the problem then work on the solution. We all have fallen into their trap allowing them too much control over our happiness. If you are not willing to remove those who are robbing you of your joy, you become an enabler of your own misery. Problems in your life will remain the same or worsen, stuck in a pattern of temporary happiness, but constant turmoil. It certainly could be friends, coworkers, or famiy who are always using drama, sorrow, and pity as their currency. Take your power back live your life loud, full of joy and compassion! Word of caution they should have a pattern of doing this, everyone is entitled to a down day or two. I certainly do not want my friends of family bailing if I complain a time or two!

2. You need to run, prance, dance or skip, but find your laughter and joy in life. Running Wild by Moon Taxi is a freeing song that reminds you to think about how lucky we are to be able to pursue our life's joy. “So drink it in, let it race around your mind” (Moon Taxi). This line reminds me often that we should all slow the hell down and drink in the wonder that is given to us, even if it is disguised in pain.

3. Don't stop you must keep going. One of the greatest bands of all time the Beastie Boys threw down the gauntlet, “You can’t, you won’t and you don’t stop Mike D (put your name in, don’t BS me I know you wanted to be a rapper) come on and rock the sure shot (Beastie Boys, Sure Shot). You may not always be sure about your path, but you should never be afraid to take your shot.

playlist word in vintage wooden letterpress printing blocks, stained by color inks, isolated on white4. Listen to the angels sing. Social D, yet another great rock band. Tells us to "stand up strong, feel the pain when the angels sing" (Social Distortion, When the angels sing). What I take from this bit of lyrical genius is that you have to feel the pain it will make you stronger. Furthermore, it will allow you to feel the joy. If we live a vanilla life without experiencing fear, pain, or loss are we really living or merely existing. We are not put on this earth to be without bumps, bruises or scars. Those are life's marks to let you know that your life is worth living.

5. Mama said knock you out, well okay maybe she did not tell you completely knock them out. However, LL Cool J did. He reminds us that we should “…take this itty-bitty world by storm and I’m just gettin’ warm” (LL Cool J, Mama Said Knock You Out). We have to be willing to storm this itty-bitty world, fight for the betterment of all people. Compassion, joy, and life need to be lived ferociously to say we are hear and appreciate the life we have been given. Do not hide in the shadows of fear, bask in the sunlight of living.

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