Embrace The Flats & Hills

i35So I know you have been wondering, did he complete both the Kansas City and Des Moines 1/2 marathons this weekend? I did and it was a great weekend that I got to share with my wife and great friends. Goals are important, but equally important is remembering how far you have come. While, running on Saturday and Sunday I actually was smiling and giving complete strangers high-fives, not because I was in first, but because I was present in the moment understanding that life has hills (and if you are running KC plenty of them) and flats. Both are needed for a healthy life. In today's fast paced social media life we live we are told that either everything has to be GREAT or something is broken. That leaves us with an either or approach to life. Sometimes be ok with running the flats of life other times you will be climbing the hills to get a better view. Whatever race stage you are in try to be present! Thanks for a great weekend I35 Challenge 

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