Postcards From The Run Episode 3: Nature Says What?

On this episode we speak with Dr. Suzanne Bartlett Hackenmiller about being a parent to a child with autism, nature therapy and so much more. Dr. Bartlett Hackenmiller talks about Dr. Bartlett Hackenmillernature therapy, corrects me when I say that excercise doesn't have an immediate effect. Suzanne drops some powerful science on this cast. 

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Josh Cobbs 

I approach people from my coaching perspective “The Joyency Revolution: How to Add to Your Wellness Bank Account”. What is that name Joyency all about? It is a combination of CSPANjoy and currency. Far too often we use fear, anger, jealousy, and self-doubt as our currency. Imagine using compassion, grit, positivity, abundance, and confidence as your currency. For more information visit 

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