Are You Loaning Out Your Wellness?

Are you a parent, teacher, husband, wife, or business owner? Did you know you likely have a wellness loan officer? We all have them, that person who wants to charge us interest on our feelings, dreams, and wellness – taking more then we deposited. You know when you did a good job, but your internal wellness loan officer tells you “it wasn’t that good or just wait you will fail” so you deposit $1.00 of wellness, but pay the wellness loan officer $1.50 leaving you overdrawn, confused, and deflated.  So, who are these emotional loan officers and what do we do about them?

  1. Become a fraud investigator – You would want to know if someone was stealing your money right? So why won’t you investigate your missing wellness currency? Ask yourself some tough questions to see if you are stealing joy from your wellness account. Some clues that you are being ripped off.
    1. Negative self-talk – Example: I can’t do anything right, I am not strong enough, smart enough etc. I should have exercised, eaten better. I have to a catch myself at times when I let the internal wellness officer take more then is required.
    2. Fear – Example: People won’t like my ideas, If I tell my partner my big dreams they might laugh.
    3. Negative people. Other people are not entitled to make your life worse. Sometimes you can’t avoid those who take more then they give. As an example at work or family members. But you can limit exposure by setting clear boundaries both in time and space!
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