December 27, 2015


I believe that coaching is the way to help people reach their best well selves. I work with people in a myriad of ways, but the key is that you have to want to change, if you are not ready to change and want someone to "tell" you what to do or someone to do it for you, we are not a good coaching match. If you are passionate about change and growth that is where the awesome occurs. I work with parents, business leaders, educators, and people in the medical field who care for individuals with chronic healthcare needs. I approach people from my coaching perspective "The Joyency Revolution: How to Add to Your Wellnessom-12 Bank”. What is that name Joyency all about? It is a combination of joy and currency. Far too often we use fear, anger, jealousy, and self-doubt as our currency. Imagine using compassion, grit, positivity, abundance, and confidence as your currency. 

I get asked all the time why do you coach or why did you get into coaching. These are two different questions both which I am happy to answer. I got into coaching for two reasons. First, I wanted to be able to help parents and professionals like my wife and I, those who care for individuals with chronic healthcare needs or worked in high stress positions. I was left searching for someone who had an idea of what we were facing. This is my first and leading reason that I coach.  

In addition to helping families like ours, I suffered from crazy attacks of fear that came on later in life specifically around starting the best project of my professional life the autism clinic. Normally a very self-confident person, I began to second guess myself, my inner critic was loud and ruling with an iron fist. It was shocking to me how quickly and destabilizing anxiety and panic could be, I knew there had to be a better way. A that would help me tame my mind and nourish the soul. I had to examine how I JC Qoute Headshotfunctioned; with no boundaries, taking on every project, not asking for help and in general running myself into an early grave. This was an unhealthy way to live, even though in Western society it is a badge of honor that if you are exhausted and working 24/7 that means you are successful. I had to return my life to a place of balance, with exercise, diet, social and work balance. Lastly, I had to kill the inner critic within and understand that worth is not tied to failure or success. 

Why do I coach? Because it works and I believe that together we can make transformative changes in your life. I believe in coaching because it empowers the most important person in the relationship, you. The real life changing moments come when people realize that they have the power to change themselves and partner with a coach who is willing to take the journey with them. 


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