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Let Joy Be Your Currency

“As a coach, I believe that you have the solutions inherently within you. Coaches will provide guidance for your dreams but you must provide the energy, honesty and passion. Coaching is not a drop off service, don’t expect to drop off your dreams and have a coach provide all the answers. Remember, coaches can’t want your success more then you. Collaboration is key for you to reach your expanded horizons. “You” have the power and ability to build your life”. - Josh Cobbs

  • Example Withdrawls

    Worry. Fear. Anger. Anxiety. Self-sabotage. Envy. Sedentary life style. Stress.

  • Example Deposits

    Forgiveness. Compassion. Improved physical and spiritual health. Stronger partnerships - And More

  • Bubble Wrapped Life

    Life isn’t absent of pain and sometimes it sucks. There are 86,400 opportunities on the daily to improve. Get up and start, failure is not starting! You can’t build a life bubbled wrapped from failing. Life is made from growing and yes even from failing. I would rather fail at trying something awesome then excel at being bubble wrapped.

  • Your Wellness Account

    Your account is made up of both withdrawals, deposits and if you are living a bubbled wrapped life. This is an example, think about how you would feel if you were living a life with only a 10% debit ratio. The rest is all deposits. Wouldn't that be a great life!

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